HYLO-FRESH The Classic Dry Eye Solution

    300 measured drops from 10ml. Can be used 6 months after opening.

    Effective & Long Lasting moistening for Moderate to Medium severity of dry eyes.

    Compatible with all types of contact lenses.

    Preservative-free, Citrate buffered & Phosphate-free


HYLO-FORTE for Intensive Care

    300 measured drops from 10ml. Can be used 6 months after opening.

    For severe & chronic dry eyes or after surgery.

    Noticeably higher viscosity for long-lasting moisture without impairment of vision.

    Preservative-free & Phosphate-free.


NovaTears for Evaporative Dry Eye

   Patented preservative-free eye lubricant specifically designed for evaporative dry eye disease and 
   Meibomian gland dysfunction. Acts as a lipid layer substitute and evaporative barrier for improved tear

   film stability and quality. 6 months shelf life after opening.

   NovaTears® is a unique preservative-free eye lubricant and tear film stabilizer in a multi-dose bottle

   specifically designed for the relief of Evaporative Dry Eye Disease


   •  Preservative-free, phosphate-free, and water-free

   •  Spreads easily and quickly on the eye - pleasant, warm, silky feeling with no stinging or blurring

   •  Small droplet size to help minimise spillover

   •  Use for up to 6 months after opening


   Available pack size - 3mL Bottle


   NovaTears® is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms associated with Evaporative Dry Eye by

   lubricating the surface of the eye, reducing excessive tear evaporation, stabilising the tear film and
   relieving the symptoms.




VitA-POS Nocturnal Recovery for Stressed Eyes

   Prevents evaporation from the ocular surface during the night.

   Contains Vitamin A

   Use-up period of 6 months after first opening.

   Preservative-free & Phosphate-free.

   On the PBS from 1 December 2012


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